Arches National Park,  Utah, U.S.A.

A sign post in Bluff, New Zealand pointing to different areas around the world such as Tokyo, New York and Sydney. The backdrop is an amzing New Zealand blue sky.
Looking down the busy corridor of Tokyo's Fish Market.

Welcome to the birthplace of Polynesia and more coconut-flavoured cuisine. One Lonely Planet blurb has this to say about Samoa, ‘it is a humble place, devoid of mega-resorts and flashy attractions, but with welcomes as warm as the islands sun’. For t...

Welcome to the ‘Friendly Isles’, a description coined by Captain James Cook during his first visit in 1773. This archipelago of some 170 coral and volcanic islands, of which only a fifth are inhabited, forms the southern point in a triangle between F...

Bula and welcome to our fourth island destination! That first greeting will be very familiar to anyone that has stepped off onto this jewel of the South Pacific. From the airlines employees and customs officers to the serenading men with guitars, Bul...

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