Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

about us

Welcome to Padkos! We are Aaron & Karla, a Kiwi lad and American lass with a passion for travel, adventure and good food. Our adventures together began several years ago when Karla left big city life in Los Angeles and embarked on a study abroad trip to little New Zealand. Since then, we've studied in the Netherlands, traversed Europe, travelled back and forth between homelands, stopped in at some islands along the way and settled into our beach house on the South Island of New Zealand. Our tropical wedding in Belize last year capped off our whirlwind five years.

Now holding down day jobs, with Aaron working as a structural engineer and Karla as a study abroad program coordinator, we faced the inevitable question "Where to next?". Although we would love to travel full-time, paying off student loans, consolidating finances, and gaining valuable work experience are current priorities…for now.

As all travellers are aware, indulging in the vast array of foods out there is one of the most interesting parts of the travel experience. Visiting Morocco without savouring chicken tagine and sipping on Berber whiskey or beachcombing in San Diego without devouring a Cali burrito, is unimaginable. So what better way is there to travel, than from the comforts of our own home and kitchen while working our way through the cuisines of the world? Out of this scenario, Padkos has emerged.

Although we are no Jamie Oliver or Rachel Ray, our enthusiasm and willingness to give it a go, makes up for any lack of skill in the kitchen. Padkos is an expression of our wanderlust and love for food that we hope others can share in.

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